With our final "Author Meet" & "Book signing" for the tiger year at Berkelouw Books & Cafe on Sat, 14 Jan 2023, water tiger cub & I would like to reflect on some wonderful happenings and lovely stories from our book signing events:

WARMEST CONGRATULATIONS to Ms Michelle Yeoh who generously endorsed our book-"a heart-warming introduction to positive values of mindfulness, gratitude, love and compassion--on being named BEST ACTRESS at the GOLDEN GLOBES AWARDS, 2023, for her latest movie, "EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE, ALL AT ONCE." Michelle is also a water tiger. As fellow tigers, water tiger cub and I are absolutely thrilled for her -- a charming actress and a charming book--a cool combination!!


  • A lovely young couple who bought the book explained that their baby son, was born in the year of the tiger with a "hole in the heart." We gave the baby a pair of the red socks which tiger cub wore in the book- for luck. The parents were touched. 


  •  Another couple who bought the book shared that their young son has some intellectual and physical disabilities. Water tiger cub and I gave them a pair of the red socks. I suggested that when their sons feels a bit sad, for him to put on the socks, and remember how tiger cub transcended his difficulties. The mother was so touched, she teared up. 

  • A ten-year old boy asked his parents to buy 3 copies of the book because he wanted to gift them to his friends, whom he said would enjoy the story too- such generosity & thoughtfulness!

  • A young man bought the book for his girlfriend who is born in the year of the tiger. He explained that he is planning to propose to her, and hope water tiger cub will help him to win her over. I said that the little Tiger book is charmed. She will say yes! So if you see a young man kneeling down with the tiger cub book proposing to a beautiful lady, cheer them onwink

There are many, many more beautiful stories which resulted from people coming in touch with this charming & charmed book. I believe that the positive messages and values promoted in the book resonate with so many people because the book carries a universal and humane appeal. 

We thank everyone who have supported us in so many ways, at the book launch, book signing, and purchasing our book. We look forward to meeting you soon when tiger cub introduces his friend, the water rabbit. 


With a deep bow of appreciation


Belinda Khong & Water Tiger Cub