Series: The Lunar New Year Animal Mindful Adventures Books for Kids 



  After losing his stripes, a lost cub wonders if he is really a tiger after all. Join the little cub on his mindful journey of self-discovery, meeting big tigers, mischievous jungle animals and a mystical phoenix who teaches us that differences are only skin deep, and that compassion, kindness, and friendship unites us all. The book contains explanatory notes about the Lunar New New Year, and a delightful Chinese Zodiac calendar for readers to discover their own zodiac signs. 

"A tale only Dr Belinda Khong could tell. Her experience as an internationally renowned psychologist & mindfulness expert shine through every page."

Seth Segall, PhD, Psychologist & Author 

" A heart-warming introduction to the positive values of mindfulness, gratitude, love and compassion"

Michelle Yeoh, Actress 

" A delightful tale of tiger cub's search for love and friendship"

Chris Ruane, Former UK Member of Parliament 

"The author brings her psychotherapeutic ingenuity and intergenerational insights. ... Destined to become a classic of Children's literature" 

Dr Scott D. Churchill, Professor of Psychology

"Children will open their hearts to the timeless wisdom of awareness, kindness, compassion and self-worth"

Janet Etty-Leal, Mindfulness Educator & Author 




 I am a psychologist with more than 20 years of clinical experience. I work with families and help parents to develop mindful parenting skills.  I am passionate about kids learning about self-acceptance and other positive values, not from the internet, but from reading inspiring books. So, I decided to write a series of engaging, positive stories " The Lunar New Year Animal Adventure Books for Kids." 

The series is a great experiential guide for parents to help kids to develop resilience, good mental health, and practice simple mindfulness and meditation exercises. Each book will feature an engaging story about the adventures of a Chinese zodiac animal designed to address social, emotional and psychological issues that matter to kids. In 2023, the Water Rabbit Mindful Adventure: The Great Race of Compassion & Friendship is expected to be released.




"AM I A TIGER...." book is the first in the Lunar New Animal Adventure series. This delightful book integrates Eastern & Western wisdom, positive psychological themes and universal values. It will inspire a love of reading in children, and the cultivation of compassion, kindness, generosity and friendship. Families can use the Water Tiger Cub's experiences to discuss the children's fear of rejection, loneliness, learn to embrace differences and practice positive values. 

I hope that reading such inspiring stories will result in "Children walking in the park, instead of walking to my consultation room in future."