I am pleased to share some nice customer reviews of my book:


"A completely fresh and original story for kids, parents, and teachers who want a beautifully illustrated, captivating tale about a little tiger who is out to discover his true identity. ... The author is a distinguished psychologist, therapist and mindfulness expert with experience integrating Western understandings of emotional well-being with Buddhist virtues of loving kindness. I was able to discover that I too was a 'water tiger.'!!" 


"I love the cultural elements of the book. I have not seen the Chinese animal zodiac incorporated into children's books before. I think that is very special. This seems like a simple book with the most delightful pictures, but the message are powerful for how to cope with life in a gentle way. Well done, Dr Khong!"


"It is a great book for discussing with kids what it means to feel like you don't quite belong, and the idea that what's inside matters more than what's on the outside.  We used it to talk about what kindness means, and how to have courage even when you are feeling scared. The illustrations are absolutely stunning, especially the one of the little cub falling out of the sky. Highly recommended!"

"My 10 year-old son commented 'It is a really good book!' The two messages he took from the book were that 1) small things make a big difference, and 2) no matter how difference you are to everyone, you are still the same... just as important and just as equal. Well done on a beautiful story. A book that my son will willingly read and talk about is a true testament to how wonderful this story is for adults and children alike. It opened up discussions between my son and I about who we are , how we grow and our journeys in life."


"The author did an amazing job at portraying a positive message."